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Would you like a physical reference CD mailed to you?
Mailing Address for reference CDs and Red Book masters.
Mailing Address for reference CDs and Red Book masters.
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If you chose Digital Streaming/Download, what is the preferred bit-depth?
Most distributors prefer 16-bit files, however some scenarios may call for 24-bit.
If you chose CD, will you you be duplicating from a DDP fileset or Red Book CD?
If you're unsure of which method will be right for you, I'll be happy to advise.
Please fill in, in order, the song names exactly as you would like them to appear. This should include any guest artists featured on a song (ex. Song 1 feat. Guest Artist). If you have ISRC codes, please list them after the song title. If you are uncertain of the track order, let me know in the "Mastering Notes" section at the bottom and I will be happy to suggest an album sequence.
Will you need masters of any alternate mixes?
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If there is anything specific you feel I should know, this is the place to tell me! This may include but is not limited to: reference material you like the sound of, any specific or general concerns you have about your mixes, what you hope to achieve in mastering, thoughts on spacing between songs, any restoration concerns (clicks or pops you've noticed but can't track down, unintentional distortion you were unable to eliminate in mixing), etc.
Desired Completion Date
Desired Completion Date
Artwork notes:
If you have album artwork ready, I can embed it into your digital download files. Some distributors and websites may still request it separately, however it can be a nice safeguard in case they don't. Please email your high-quality artwork file to making certain to put Your Name, the project name, and "album art" in the subject line. Recommended maximum size is 500 x 500 pixels.