Mixing is billed at an hourly rate due to the wide variation in track counts and song length, buy a typical 4-6 minute song with about 30 to 40 channels often ends up in the $400 range.  For a personalized quote, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact page.

EPs of 4 songs or more receive a 15% discount.
Albums of 10 songs or more receive a 20% discount.


Q: Which formats do you accept?
A: I can accept native ProTools, Studio One, REAPER, and Ableton project files, however even if you use one of these platforms I strongly suggest sending channel bounces of your recording session, all starting from the same time-stamp.  All bounces should be 24-bit .wav or .aif files (unless you recorded them at 16-bit, tsk tsk, in which case send 16-bit bounces), at the original recording sample rate (more on recommended sampling rates here), with the channel faders set to unity.

Q: Should I do anything to prepare my mix before sending?
A: Providing you’re happy with how the performance is captured, nothing further is needed! There are a few things you should assume I will not do though (unless we specifically discuss them first): comping takes, editing drums, and tuning vocals and solos. I’m happy to do a minor edit or tune up here or there if needed, but if it’s necessitated across a whole track it will add significant time. Unless otherwise directed, I will assume the performances you’ve sent are the ones you want!

If you have a rough mix, please send that along too as it will help me understand your sonic goals for the song.  Creative effect processing can and should be left enabled, while corrective processing can make more sense to bypass. When in doubt, feel free to include clearly labeled “wet” and “dry” versions of any channels you’re uncertain of.

If you elect to send a ProTools, Studio One, REAPER, or Ableton session, please freeze any channels with 3rd party plug-ins on them and make sure you copy all media to the project folder before sending.

Q: Can I attend the mixdown sessions?
A: While I typically request several review sessions during the course of mixing, either in person or via Skype, it is rarely practical to attend the entire mixdown process.  However, if you strongly feel it would benefit your project, I will be happy to discuss alternative attending arrangements on a case by case basis.

Q: Do you specialize in any particular genres?
A: While I am more familiar with certain genres than others, I believe that good sound is universal.  That said, if I am unfamiliar with the stylistic intent of your project I may ask you to provide several reference tracks that you feel exemplify the sound you're after.  Of course you're free to provide reference tracks even if I don't ask for them, as they can only help.

Q: What do I get when you're done?
A: The standard rate includes the following:

  • Up to two revisions of each mix transmitted as iTunes Plus quality AAC files for approval

  • 32-bit floating point or 24-bit .wav or .aif files of the approved final mixes (check with your mastering engineer to see which they prefer)

  • Vocal up, vocal down, and TV mixes are available upon request at no additional charge

  • Reference CDs can be prepared for $10 each with free of charge in the continental U.S.

  • Final channel and buss bounces (stems), or session files (with all effects printed) can be provided on a thumb or hard drive for $25 per song, plus shipping and the cost of the drive (you can provide your own drive if you like).

Q: Do you have any examples I can listen to?
A: Heck yeah! Check out my mixing showreel playlist below.