“I've had a great experience with Ian and Flotown Studio! I recently have been experimenting with new studio gear and first reached out to Ian to get his opinion on my latest mixes. He was extremely helpful in providing some suggestions to achieve a better and more balanced mix. He then offered to master the mixes and they came out great! Not only I am super happy with the final product, but Ian was very easy to work with and always very receptive of how exactly I wanted the song to sound. I definitely recommend reaching out to Flotown Studio for any mixing and mastering needs!”

-Josh Sheiman, Shei-Fi Productions

“Ian mixed our last two EP's and we appreciated that he has a musician's ear. He understands our music style and what each song requires sonically. We're impressed with how easy it is to communicate our ideas with him, and he is reliable when it comes to meeting deadlines. He exceeded our expectations on our last two EP's and we're very happy with how the mixes sound. We look forward to working with him again on our next album.”

-Poyraz Aldemir, Glitch Cake

“Over the past 3 years that I've worked with Ian I have learned pretty quickly that Flowtown Studio is my first recommendation to my clients for their project mastering.  Ian is invested in the mastering process and not only works collaboratively with me during the final mix phase but can also communicate clearly with the artist.  This I believe gives us all an opportunity for a successful project. I would highly recommend him and his services." 

- Luke Germain, Owner/Producer/Engineer, Walk Out Studios

“We worked with Ian at Flotown to master our full-length album. What I loved most about this process is that we were able to hand Ian a collection of songs that were very different in terms of style, instrumentation, and singers. He was able to take all that craziness and master it so it felt and sounded cohesive and much much better. We were thrilled with the results and Ian was excellent to work with.

-Jeremy Betterley, The Mockingbeards

“Ian is a breeze to work with and extremely knowledgable with the latest tech. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with him, and you will be too.”

- Carl Bowlby

“Ian was very prompt and attentive to the details I was looking for within my single, “Give Us Vision.” I enjoyed his kind and professional attitude! I definitely recommend him for mastering services. Thank you Ian!”

-Joshua Ello